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Why Free Hosting Cannot Meet W3Hosts Service Level Guarantees.

Armed With Knowledge to Make the Right Decision

The World Wide Web is full of Internet service providers that offer free hosting services.  Why should you pay for a website when you can get free email and server space?  There are many reasons but the big three are personal privacy , support and advertising .  That is not to say there is no place for free hosting services or they're evil!  To the contrary, the benefits may outweigh the advantages but you must be enabled with information to make that determination.  W3Hosts doesn't want to persuade you away from free hosting your website if that is advantageous for you.

Private Account Information, Email and Website Content

If you are not concerned with the privacy of yourself and online friends...

Some free hosting companies are not operating with your protection in mind!  How can you tell which ones do?  Read the privacy guarantee.  If they don't have one avoid them like the plague!  If they have one but it takes a lawyer to interpret, avoid them like the plague!  If it's plain language but long and confusing, avoid them like the plague!  W3Hosts privacy guarantee is short, simple and direct with no disclaimers or exceptions and no compromises unless you authorize it.  Your information belongs to you and it will stay that way - we guarantee it!

Access Logs Don't Lie and You Can't Fool Them

It's true that you can get an account using false information and that's fine as long as you remain anonymous with every aspect of website content and email messages.  But sooner or later more information will be known about you than you may know yourself.  The free hosting business model includes detailed statistical logs of every login, byte transferred, message sent or received and over time that information will reveal enough to make big profits for the free hosting service.  At W3Hosts when you pay for an account your information and online habits are not snooped and logged for someone else to buy and use without full disclosure and only with your permission.

You Cannot Remain Anonymous Forever

If you put your true identity on the website, they know who you are and it's a simple matter of accessing marketing databases to get all kinds of information about which advertisers you are likely to do business with.  They'll target you with specific advertisements.  It's not magic.  It's information you may or may not knowingly provide.

If you have an email signature line with true identity information (including contact or interests information) some will use it to target you with commercial advertising.  It's not like TV where you are anonymous and information is transmitted one-way (although interactive TV will change that).  On the Internet you are constantly providing information that is worth much more than 50 MB of free disk space on a computer shared by thousands of people like yourself.

You're probably very proud of your financial savvy and creative accomplishment and you'll want to tell associates, friends and relatives to come visit.  You may have a guest book or your free email address on your website.  It's only a matter of time when somebody lets the cat out of the bag.  You can't control people and the free host access logs don't lie.  Privacy may be a short-lived idea with some free service providers.  At W3Hosts your privacy is guaranteed.

Technical Support and Service Levels

If you are not concerned with the performance of your website...

Do you know the location, computer hardware, operating system, security or how many share the system where your website is hosted free?  If you said no to any item then you are not going to get technical support that will keep you pleased with your host, especially when questions or problems arise.  It has nothing to do with the dedicated support people employed to help you.  It has everything to do with how much you and they know about the problem.  If a problem cannot be defined because you don't know and the support person (if you have one and didn't get tired of being on hold) doesn't have permissions to re-start your website server, how long will your problem go on?

Service Levels Are Not Free

What are service levels?  Why should you be concerned about them?  Good questions and W3Hosts has the answers.

A service level guarantee ensures you that your website host will perform to a specific performance measurement.  The service levels can be classified in categories: availability , response and recovery .


Availability is an often abused term to describe up-time expressed as a percentage of a period of time such as 24 hours, seven (7) days or one (1) year.  W3Hosts guarantees a 99.9% up-time as measured by 24 hour days in a calendar month or your account is credited.  Free hosting companies may offer the guarantee but cannot give you credit for something free to begin with!  The guarantee becomes hollow and meaningless and you have no recourse but to move somewhere else if you're not satisfied.  W3Hosts is committed to your satisfaction.

That's not the only kind of availability.  The Internet is a global community!  Is your free website available globally through multiple Internet routes and what guarantee do you have?  It's true that advertisers want the widest possible audience to see their ads but is that a guarantee made to you or another commercial interest unconcerned if your website goes down while the rest are serving ads?  Are the advertisers going to pull their business because you are not happy?  Don't think so...  At W3hosts you are our only concern!


How many other free websites are hosted on the same server as yours?  Do you have a guarantee that it will never exceed the power of the computer to serve your website content?  There is a simple but very powerful principle in performance engineering called the law of throughput and it determines how much data can be transferred from a server to the Internet in a given period of time.  I don't mean to make performance engineering sound simplistic.  It is a very complex and highly specialized subject which free hosting companies won't do for you.  They do it for the advertisers in terms of ads served but, just like in availability, your website is not what they measure and as long as the service level to the financial source isn't compromised, your website is not a primary concern.  W3Hosts shared servers are monitored 24 x 7 x 365 and other websites will not kill your response time!

You might argue that if your website is slow, the advertising is slow and the commercial interests will complain in proxy for you.  Sorry, not true in all cases and if you ask, they probably will not give you a straight answer because they have lots of competition and the answer may be a competitive advantage.  Again, you are not the paying customer on free hosts.  One trick free hosts in the pay-per-click business model is to serve your content from one server and the advertising from another server.  That guarantees that even if your website is chocked full of high demand graphics or server-side JavaScript the advertisers server hums at top speed.  It cannot be said that they don't care because if they lose enough free website business, they have to take note.  But one website, your website, moved to another service provider is not going to draw any attention.  It will at W3Hosts!


Recovery is the ability to get your website back on-line in the event of a catastrophic disaster event and really doesn't concern just-for-fun website owners.  It's disappointing but easy to publish somewhere else.  Unless you've been developing directly to the server using proprietary website creation tools!  Now what you going to do?  Start over?  How much did that cost you in time and effort?  It seems that free host wasn't so free after all!

If your trying to do business from a free host...  Not one, that's right, not a single free host offers any disaster recovery plan for your website!

W3Hosts offers a total recovery catastrophic disaster plan as an option to any website.  Included in every hosting plan are backups made every 24 hours of your website.  With 3 data centers in the West, North central and South Central US, your website will be back up and running before you can sign-up and publish to another provider.  Other options such as mirroring are available for faster recovery.  W3Hosts gives you the most value for your money right up front in every hosting plan.

Commercial Advertising Space

If you are not concerned with the time spent online...

"But it's not money out of my pocket" you may argue.  It's not?  Don't be fooled because free hosting makes you and your online friends pay by giving your Internet access bandwidth to advertisers and other commercial interests with every email you send and every visit to your website.  Consider the bandwidth and website space you lose with every pop-up window and advertisement!  Do you regularly re-visit websites with annoying, in-the-way ads and pop-up windows?  W3Hosts guarantees your bandwidth and page real-estate belongs to you for you to decide how to use it.

In Summary

W3Hosts may not be the most value to you if:

  • If you are not concerned with the privacy of yourself and your online friends
  • If you are not concerned with the performance of your website
  • If you are not concerned with the time spent online

If you are concerned with these things then W3Hosts invites you to compare our shared and dedicated hosting plans to the competition.  We think you will find great value for your money at cost anyone can afford.  W3Hosts will never compromise your satisfaction for any other interest and we will be dedicated to making your Internet presence the best on the web.

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