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The Internet Return On Investment

E-commerce can be a great return on investment!  Here are some facts you should know before starting e-business.

Basic US Government and Internet Statistics

The United States Department of Commerce reported that in the First quarter of 2001, estimate of U.S. retail e-commerce 1 sales was $15 billion, an increase of 33.5% over the same quarter of 2000.

Computer and Internet Access The United States Department of Commerce Census Bureau reported Computer Use in the United States in 1997, 37.4 million households had one or more computers.

The 2000 Census of Population and Housing 3 indicated there are over 105 million households.  The National Telecommunications and Information Administration in their October 2000 " Falling Through the Net: Toward Digital Inclusion " reported 51% of all households had computers.

In the same report 116.5 million Americans are online and online shopping and bill paying are seeing the fastest growth.

Extrapolating from this data the average dollars spent by online Americans is $128.75 and is projected to continue this extraordinary growth for the next several years.

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Advantages of Internet E-Retail

Anyone with an Internet connection has the potential to become your customer and your store is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the convenience of your customers' schedule.  There is no overhead in brick and mortar buildings which allows you to increase your profit margin.

If you are offering electronic products and services distribution can be right over the Internet in software and data downloads.  Even for products that must be shipped e-retail can provide a rich description including animated or exploded views of the products you offer with very detailed information and marketing searchable by the customer.  No printing high-cost advertisements and bulk mailing is needed to get your product in the minds of consumers.

Customer information, online ordering and payment is completed by the consumer which frees retail business from maintaining paper-based systems and eliminates re-entry into other office systems.  The data can be transmitted securely to any medium and transferred to stand-alone systems using electronic media.  E-Retail speeds the application process, reduces processing costs and improves your customer service.

By combining customer information with other access and usage logs you have the ability to market your products and services one-to-one with each consumer giving your store a personal touch rather than targeting large generalized segments of consumers.

Investment to Get E-Business Started

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Disclaimer:  The return on investment is a case study produced by W3Hosts using publicly available statistics.  W3Hosts does not guarantee the accuracy nor results for your e-business investment.

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