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W3 Hosts Value Added Professional Services

Computer Systems Engineering and Administration

W3 Hosts can handle all of your computer hardware engineering and system engineering requirements.  Our shared host platforms include full TELNET and FTP access and complete support for remote administration of your account.  On dedicated servers we provide full root access so you are in total control.

You don't have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform the routine administration role?

No problem!  W3 Hosts will perform all the routine server maintenance and monitoring and can accomplish special administration tasks as needed.

Are you concerned about capacity but human resource short?

No problem!  W3Hosts engineering has the skill and knowledge to plan and configure your shared or dedicated server that will guarantee users always have response according to your specification.  We can analyze your specific Internet application, estimate performance and accurately size your server on an ongoing basis.  W3Hosts will recommend performance and capacity upgrades before reduced performance and errors are experienced by users.

Web Site Design

W3 Hosts has a number of professional information architects and creative graphic artists ready to win your Internet presence "Best of the Web".

Web Site Promotions

Every shared and dedicated domain account will be promoted automatically in all the search engines and indexes that accept free automated submissions.  W3Hosts also offers manual and paid submissions to fee-based search engines and indexes for a small one-time charge.  Commercial and retail e-commerce sites doing regional, national or global business on the Internet should include the W3Hosts monthly promotion option on their account.  In addition to the automatic submission to free search engines and indexes and one-time fee based systems, W3Hosts will monitor your position on the Internet and keep you at the top of the lists (subject to content and consultation).  Try W3Hosts search engine ranking software included with domain accounts.

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