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What differentiates W3 Hosts from other Internet service providers?

See what W3 Hosts can do for local ISPs , manufacturing or retail , self-employed professionals and entrepreneurial business.

Quality is Priority

Quality starts with a great hosting platform.  W3Hosts recommends the Linux operating system running the Apache web server for the most reliable, efficient and popular platform on the Internet.  More than 50% of all servers on the Internet are Linux/Apache and half the Internet engineers in the world can't be wrong!

W3Hosts is a big believer in open source software.  We invite you to explore the advantages of open source software.

Great hardware deserves great hardware to be complete.  The latest Intel® processors, Bay Networks network interface cards, Cisco powered network architecture and 350+ Mbps total over 6 different backbone providers ensures we can serve tens of thousands of websites.


Our people, Internet infrastructure and processing systems will always be there when you need them.


With W3 Hosts you have the advantages of fortune 100 companies that can leverage economy of scale.  We purchase tremendous quantities of equipment and supplies and pass those deep discounts on to you.

And W3 Hosts proprietary, scalable automation systems enable us to manage thousands of servers and network devices with no increase in administrative overhead costs.


W3 Hosts wants to be your one-stop shop for Internet resource but we are not everything to everybody.  And we don't want to be!  We focus on a narrow set of products and services so that we can be exceptional at what we do and do it in less time than anybody else.

For Local Internet Service Providers

Our facilities are connected to huge pipes to the Internet and for small local ISPs that is not economically possible.  Without the massive bandwidth local service providers cannot offer the redundancy and dedicated bandwidth that e-commerce corporations demand.  If that was not enough of a barrier to entry in the hosting market, consider the numerous other demands of serious e-commerce companies such as technical support, fire suppression, disaster recovery, security and facilities.  You can leverage our facilities, services and products to grow your local ISP business into a larger local or global presence.

For Small to Medium-sized Business

There is simply no greater potential in business growth than e-commerce.  Whether it is supply chain, customer relationship management or revenue channels, the Internet is essential to your business if you want to remain competitive.  The Internet drives down costs and at the same time increases revenue.  W3 Hosts is here to provide you with the infrastructure and human resource to make your e-commerce initiatives successful.

For Self-Employed Professionals

You already know that demand for your service drives your rates and you already know that marketing your services is essential first step.  W3 Hosts will remove the technology obstacle to global marketing with the Internet and do it at a cost less than a single advertisement in the local newspaper!

For Individuals and Entrepreneurs

If you're only intrigued by the Internet or have an idea or product that could revolutionize and even make you the next millionaire, W3 Hosts will provide you the platform and connectivity to make it happen.

What are you waiting for?  Build a custom hosting package NOW!


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