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How to Get Started With W3 Hosts

Once you are connected with W3 hosts you choose the right website package for your needs and submit the order form.  Option prices and detailed explanations of the various options are on the same screen.  There are no hidden costs and online help makes it very clear!

Let W3 hosts get you started with a basic website that you can customize any way you like using Microsoft FrontPage or FTP.

Reserve your Server and Network Capacity

Each website package is designed for typical needs and purpose.  If you only need a website with a very few pages or a complex e-business application there is a package for you with multiple options available.  W3 Hosts is only an email away for free consultation on your needs.  W3 Hosts will recommend the right package for your individual needs so you don't pay for things you don't need.  As you become more proficient with your website and want to add features and functionality, the options are only a click away.

Build Website Content

Don't be intimidated by all the acronyms, HTML, DHTML, HTTP, DNS, SSL, etc...  W3 Hosts will start your website for you and let you take it from there or dedicate professional designers and programmers to maintain it for you.  Our staff will keep your needs first by creating your website with you in mind.  Transferring control to another designer is very easy and quick.  We don't want to marry you like some providers, W3Hosts just wants you to be free to create!

Promote Your Creation

W3 Hosts Recommends So you've got the next award-winning website and expect millions of hits...  Not if they can't find you!  The Internet is a big place and unless you promote your website it will take years, yes, years for you to get just a few thousand hits.  W3Hosts is hear to help with promotion to the search engines and indexes.  We do it for $25 per year or you do it and it's absolutely FREE from W3Hosts!  How much is your time worth?
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